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Ode To The Man On The Moon

18 x 24in Oil on Canvas

Ode To Frida

18 x 24in Oil on Canvas


18 x 24in Oil on Canvas

Universal Harmony

20 x 20in Oil on Canvas

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2017 Solstice Fest Logo


2016 Solstice Fest Logo


2015 Solstice Fest Logo

Rosechild Album Art
The Pharcyde at Antone's

Show Poster

Shane Cooley Show Poster
Portrait of Sonny

18 x 24in Color Pencil, Marker and Paint on Bristol


16 x 20in Oil on Canvas

Portrait of Life

16 x 20in

Portrait of Lion and Flowers

Oil on Canvas 20x24in

Portrait of Dogs play Craps

Oil on Canvas 24x18in

Ode to The College Dropout

Acrylic and Oil on Clock

Dope Vader

11 x 8in Oil on Canvas

Catwoman and Black Batman

Oil and Enamel on Canvas 30 x 36in

Rosechild Skull

Graphite on paper 11x17in

Sonny paper Crane Tattoo Concept
Portrait of Carrie

24x18 oil on canvas

Portrait of Young Girl

Graphite on Paper 18x24in

Portrait of Young Boy

Graphite on Pencil 18x24in

Portrait of Newly Weds from 1954

Graphite Pencil on paper 11x18in

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